Begins to Break

Why do you insist on believing I am large and hard and covered in spikes? That was never a costume I wore for you. I am the wild flower that is small and begins to break and whither the moment you pluck it from its earthy bed. So I am. So I languish, and still […]

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quite simply

i believed it would simplify things to banish you, but i taste you in my tea, i feel you in the space between my fingers, and a weird pressure in the air carves complex facets over my flesh; look at how the light catches on me now. look. i so desire your gaze, to hear […]

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Frozen ground, frigid sky, my skin is parched but my eyes are damp, and the world earns scalloped edges through this prism of water. At your grave crows cackle and dance. What does it mean? What does it mean? Please. Tell me this once, what it means.

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a fed bear is a dead bear, or so the saying goes. i understand it now, as i wander in hunger, having nibbled from your hand, only to have it closed to me. rendered forlorn, i am savage in starvation at the removal of your palm, tame and forgetful- what was the shape of the […]

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take it

it makes no sense- the lack of a moment coupled with urgent needs to speak. i’d tell you each heart ache has its own fingerprint, i’d beg you to forget the words sucked from my lips into the funnel of your ear, and if you reached for my hand i’d let you take it. … […]

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i trace the letters of your name with cold fingers on my thigh in the dark. they are all you left with me.

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