miss you

i suck my lips and i bite my tongue and i miss you miss you missyou to the beat of my heart i miss you.

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heart beat moon

my heart beat moon for you. how could you have allowed me to believe that silky light was true? i thought i’d not lose myself, pulsating waves of silver against inky sky, but clouds passed, blotted your eyes from view. i became a speck of dust, blown into space still beating, moon, moon, moon.

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I cut mourning apparel from moon, it waxes and wanes to suit my mood, fits like your hand in silky waves about my sullen shape. I loved you more and you walked off into night, the likes of which I’d never known, brushed off crumbs of me in one sweep so no trail was left. […]

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i will not be sated

the sky does not contain enough stars, nor the ground pennies, lost and grimy. there will never be enough dandelion fluff to blow over fields of withered grass. i will not be sated with wishes. a stray eyelash flutters to my cheek, i swipe it up with a quivering fingertip, my lips puff with craving, […]

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Think, think, think

i dreamed one moment of you.  you said you were going to see hot air balloons. i woke, and tried not to think so hard into day breaking thin and gray in the sky where i feared you would float away with my joy.

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i dreamed you knew just what you’d done and for a moment it was as though a crimson butterfly dropped into my palm.  feeling the gentle heartbeat of her wings, i could almost accept it.

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it is a terrible machine, with gnashing teeth, i believe, to feel in me love churning for one who does not return like a tide, for one who no longer reaches out like a wave against warm, white sand.

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it’s one of those days i can see forever and the glittering beauty slices into me because i can see forever and you aren’t there

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