Lilac bush budded tight, not yet ready to let go of winter, to trust the conductor’s flailing baton, urging it to open to the next movement of our quartet. Your fist was like that, over your sternum as you claimed “it” was all still there. I snap off a twig. Inside, the flesh is green. […]

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I learned skills so I can make eye contact with you in dreams again. They say if I practice I will be able to stare you down- wide awake, without fear or pain or memory of your cheek puffed up in a smile against mine.

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Come and Go

Come and go, birds help themselves to seed in snow. They seem to know you have gone; the whole world knows, as it is sewn in tiny stitches throughout the air, like frozen flakes. This knowledge settles like a blanket stretched tight over a bed. At the window, I watch the rest of nature realize […]

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opposite sides of sky

old news throbs fresh ever, how typical of me to cling to yellowing threads that serve only to slice my fingers. how typical of earth to continue her steady pilgrimage around sun. how typical of us to conceal ourselves in silence on opposite sides of sky. … it gets worse at night, or so they […]

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Begins to Break

Why do you insist on believing I am large and hard and covered in spikes? That was never a costume I wore for you. I am the wild flower that is small and begins to break and whither the moment you pluck it from its earthy bed. So I am. So I languish, and still […]

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quite simply

i believed it would simplify things to banish you, but i taste you in my tea, i feel you in the space between my fingers, and a weird pressure in the air carves complex facets over my flesh; look at how the light catches on me now. look. i so desire your gaze, to hear […]

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