Did you ever see them feed crocodile at a park? Meat on a hook, dangling over a pit above snapping jaws? That is my twisting soul- raw flesh gleams, about to be devoured. ——- I tuck my daughter into layers of fleece and flannel. She clutches her cat’s white fuzz against her cheek. Mama loves […]

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almost haiku

water is of mind to freeze in thin brackish sheets beneath confused sky. i thought to make haiku but the words wouldn’t work- i could not create lines to explain celestial indecision. how apt, i sighed.

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Miserable Human

Wind layers sky shades of white and blue like lace agate. I woke up angry, and don’t know why, my forty-something body all puffed up and ready for a fight like the ocean on this morning, battering cliffs and tempting tourists, come at me bro. Kind-eye sky just keeps looking on, watching in ways I […]

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sun shines relentless. cat leaps on counter. i drink strong coffee with milk, cup after cup, contemplate the hot mess xmas left behind. we forgot to put out the bins- over this next week, trash will pile high. into my mug, i pour more coffee, but no more milk. the sun tries to trick me- […]

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Morning breaks, and with it my heart again for all things said unsaid, undone, again for all moments we spent alone, apart. It breaks more times than it can even beat.

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You Missed

I am not good at math, never bothered to calculate how many heartbeats between melt and skip and break. Perhaps a million palpitations pulsated, or maybe only a dozen. Regardless, every one represented a chance for you to glance back and offer to mend. All these chances you missed, maybe a million, or maybe only […]

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what of me did you walk away with and keep on your skin? can you find me, smell me like an errant petal, if you tilt your head just so?

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