there is space now after every breath, the stunning emptiness of freedom, in my rib cage where you used to reside. i feel your absence, and grin until i weep, with each exhalation. Advertisements

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i let you out at a stoplight, simply rolled down the window and felt you flutter past me like an errant insect or a bad smell that had been trapped. you filtered out of my skin and bones and i wiped a hand over my forehead, rolled the window back up and drove on without […]

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twice today the sky bloomed pink and gold. i tried to find my breath, then i searched my fists for a mild word, an answer that could soften me to you. but twice today the sky bloomed pink and gold, and you will never know because i will never say such precious stuff to you […]

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I got wasted sipping your spirit and I thought I could stroke a star, but their elderly flicker is ever dying.  I woke and found myself alone, mouth dry as ever.

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miss you

i suck my lips and i bite my tongue and i miss you miss you missyou to the beat of my heart i miss you.

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heart beat moon

my heart beat moon for you. how could you have allowed me to believe that silky light was true? i thought i’d not lose myself, pulsating waves of silver against inky sky, but clouds passed, blotted your eyes from view. i became a speck of dust, blown into space still beating, moon, moon, moon.

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