I took inventory by the bay– a slim white crane plundered in the marsh grass, a blue heron flew over my head, feet outstretched, and a dragonfly buzzed by. I sat still, collecting these facts and I wanted to share with you, and I found myself full nearly to bursting with the weight of you […]

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now i imagine doing everything with your taste inside my mouth

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oh heavens no, I would never write a poem about hearts. sure I’m trite, but not that trite. how then can I describe the strange, terrible sensation of my heart continuing to beat around the jagged, empty place where once you were?

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The bunnies are in my yard, hopping around with cardinals, nibbling on stuff they must find tasty. Please come back. Please come back just long enough for me to tell you the bunnies are in my yard again.

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Reasons, 2. 

Because of the leap of faith your voice takes when I ask if you want to know my secrets and you say yes without a second glance at the distance over which you will fling yourself for me.

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i envy you for all the things you can do that i cannot do but mostly i envy you because you live in the flesh i so love rocked by the rhythm of your own heart beat

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Reasons, 1.

there are many reasons i could say but maybe the most accurate i could come to describing it is to say in you i found a place where i could set myself down and walk away and not worry about what i left behind because i knew you would keep it safe.

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