You sail over me, a hawk, auburn wings outstretched in graceful embrace of sky. You think I’d know by now, this precient glide echoes other dangers. Never have I been bright enough to hide or make myself truly small; we both know I’d let you find me anyway, let you cry into my ear as […]

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What a fool I would be to allow you to hold my hand, even in my memory. What a fool I am.

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months past i tilted my face to winter’s stars and watched as my frosted pleas floated up. now it is summer. now i cannot see your name between heaven and myself, so i simply chant, done. let me be done with you.

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broken day

day breaks and i am so over you and all of the morning dove fuckery you bring, i do not even care when i wake from a dream of you in which we are together looking at a map, as though it could show us luminous trajectory. i wake from a dream of you and […]

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I took inventory by the bay– a slim white crane plundered in the marsh grass, a blue heron flew over my head, feet outstretched, and a dragonfly buzzed by. I sat still, collecting these facts and I wanted to share with you, and I found myself full nearly to bursting with the weight of you […]

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now i imagine doing everything with your taste inside my mouth

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oh heavens no, I would never write a poem about hearts. sure I’m trite, but not that trite. how then can I describe the strange, terrible sensation of my heart continuing to beat around the jagged, empty place where once you were?

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