How I Was Torn

the thought occured
i loved you
and it was like someone
tore me open and started plucking
stuff out-
important stuff- a lung,
my kidney, chunks of heart.
over the empty spaces,
i tried to write your name
but the ink didn’t take.
it was just that simple,
how i was torn


15 thoughts on “How I Was Torn

      1. Yes, the instructions aren’t that clear, it took me a couple of tries to get it right as well, so I understand your frustration! and my code became text because it’s a functional code haha!


      2. yes I enjoyed it. I’m afraid you still haven’t got it right! It’s always worth trying to see a preview. When writing there are two tabs , visual, and Html. You have to make sure to post the pingback completely in the HTML, and it should only display the word ‘Torn’.

        Some people would even use that word in the poem itself, as it would link itself to the prompt, rather than showing as a link. I’m not sure how I can explain better? but you can look at other’s prompts to see how it should look


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